eXp Realty EXPLAINED! - The Beginners Guide To eXp Realty

What is eXp Realty?

A remote workplace that allows realtors to work anywhere, any time, in any place? You may have heard eXp Realty is revolutionizing brokerages as we know them, but what does that mean, and how has eXp Realty become the fastest growing brokerage in America?

What makes eXp Realty different?

Traditional brick-and-mortar business models have been dissipating over the last twenty years and we can feel them vanishing all around us. While you once spent a Friday night roaming the racks at Blockbuster to select the perfect movie on VHS, you now have thousands of movies streaming right to your many devices anytime, any place.

Your shopping list once required three different stops to get everything on the list, but now it can all come straight to your door.

Technology has transformed the world around us, but the real estate industry has remained painfully lacking in innovation, until now.

eXp Realty has revolutionized the way we think of real estate. While traditionally the focus has been on brokerages, eXp puts the focus on agents.

Removing redundant layers of management has allowed agents to build their business as well as have opportunity for shareholding and equity within eXp Realty. 

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What is the eXp Realty cloud campus?

What allows eXp Realty to operate in a 100% remote workplace?

How can agents work from anywhere with no office, or even list in areas they don’t even live in?

This is possible through the eXp Realty cloud campus. This fully immersive corporate environment is a wealth of training resources, collaborative opportunities, easy transactions, and even guidance from some of the top producing agents and teams across the country.

Through the cloud campus, agents have access to over 50 hours of live training per week, as well as recorded past trainings. The dashboard keeps everything in one place, and helps agents keep their business and transactions organized and paperless, creating not only a more accessible work environment, but a greener, more sustainable one.

To help manage day-to-day workflow, the cloud offers agents access to kvCORE, an all-inclusive real estate platform. Designed for the modern brokerage, kvCORE provides powerful lead generation and CRM tools, and customizable IDX websites.

For independent agents, utilizing kvCORE’s services costs over $5,000 a year, but for eXp agents, kvCORE is just one of the many tools available in the eXp cloud campus.


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Does eXp offer any in-person workspaces?

Living the remote work life is liberating, adaptable, and creates a customizable work environment that works just right for you. But sometimes, you still just need to get face-to-face with one another. For those times when the laptop just won't do, eXp agents have access to over 3,000 office locations across the globe through Spaces coworking space.

What does it cost to join eXp?

eXp Realty is founded on an agent-centric business model designed to allow agents and brokers to earn as much income as possible from their sales. Transparency is key to the working relationship between agents and eXp, so fees and other expenses are kept to a minimum and often have caps.

The basic fees eXp agents will pay to join eXp Realty are a $149 startup fee, an $85 a month cloud brokerage fee, a $25 broker review fee per transaction, and a $40 risk management fee that caps at $500.

Agents never pay to be an eXp Realtor, and these transparent fees allow agents to see just what they are receiving in services when they do incur expenses.

Does eXp Realty offer healthcare benefits?

Working for yourself can be stressful when it comes to planning for your future health and that of your family. At eXp Realty, the wellness of agents and their families is paramount, and eXp offers low cost healthcare coverage options through Clearwater Health Plans.

Designed with the 1099 consumer in mind, Clearwater offers three different plans to fit the needs of each individual. With 24/7 telemedicine care, free in-network preventative care, and an open network for major accidents, these benefits provide eXp agents with peace of mind and support among the ever tedious teeter-totter of finding the right healthcare coverage.

eXp ExpressOffers

In the fast-paced real estate world, sometimes buyers and sellers need to close basically yesterday. For those ready to make moves, eXp ExpressOffers connects sellers with institutional buyers who can pay cash and close quickly. Unlike many traditional iBuyer transactions, eXp agents make commissions at closing on these sales, and sellers omit the hassle of traditional home sales and are provided with a quick transaction.

Are you considering joining eXp Realty?

We talk to tons of real estate agents every single day about eXp and what we offer here at the Channel Junkies and we absolutely love it. We are all licensed agents who practice what we preach. NOT “gurus” or talking heads who don’t practice these very same methods. If you’re a new real estate agent don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions about building your business!




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