#1 Reason You Should NOT Join eXp Realty

HOT TAKE! Ya eXp Realty is definitely the talk of the town in the real estate industry. Why are so many agents drinking the kool aid? Isn’t it just a pyramid scheme? How the hell can I get any work done “in a cloud” I need to go into my office to be productive? Oh ya and my favorite, Why do all these eXp Realtors keep calling and emailing me to join them at eXp Realty?

This is what went through my head for over a year when it came to eXp Realty and its agents BUT it wasn’t until I finally heard from someone WHO DIDN’T RECRUIT ME, Just showed me the benefits did I finally see why eXp Realty was all the rage. By the way… “Hey eXp Real Estate Agents STOP bugging and reaching out to every agent if you bring ZERO value to their business, and get better”!! 

There I said it.

In this blog I want to give you an honest opinion on eXp Realty from someone incredibly hesitant to join, what I know now and the #1 reason you should NOT join eXp Realty.

eXp Realty is Just a Pyramid Scheme Right?

Okay so let's jump into eXp Realty, it's the big elephant in the room. I remember about 2 and a half years ago starting to notice some large teams and top real estate influencers join eXp Realty and it really had me scratching my head saying “Why, that place is just a pyramid scheme”.

I will never forget the first agent that reached out to my business partner and I. He took us to lunch which turned from “Hey you can use my video studio” we love video obviously so it started good but then “Ya you should join me at eXp Realty you guys have no idea how much money you can make on revenue share, I’m never going to sell real estate again just recruit and make revenue share”. Pfffft homie get outta here with that BS.

That was it, over and over recruited by lazy non producing agents trying to get rich fast so I was over the whole eXp Realty thing. And this my friends is the #1 Reason you should NOT join eXp Realty if your goal is to add zero value to anyone and their business and strictly be chasing money, I don’t like you.

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Can You Join eXp Realty and NOT Be a Recruiter?

YASSSSS! The reason so many agents are joining eXp Realty is not to recruit but they get to work right next to the top agents in the world who give their exact playbook away FOR FREE. In the Traditional real estate brokerage world the top agents in the company tend to hide their secrets, get an office outside the walls of the brokerage and classes are taught by a managing broker or a title rep.

eXp Realty is like a pro sports team. You come in no matter where your career or skill set is. Sit next to some of the best athletes in the world and begin working together sharing every ounce of knowledge you have on “the game” all for the common goal to win a championship.

If you hear agents raving about eXp and their “upline” or bragging about the support that is why! BUT if you hear agents talking smack and saying they were left on an island with NO support, those Realtors are correct… and made a massive mistake joining eXp Realty.

Why You Will Hate eXp Realty

Have you noticed I haven’t mentioned how much revenue share and stock you can earn at eXp Realty? It’s because it was never a focus of mine around the time I was considering joining eXp Realty. If you get “sold” on eXp revenue share and sign up under a sponsor who brings you zero value, you will HATE eXp Realty I guarantee it!

channel junkies, real estate marketing

This brings me back to all the awful attempts real estate agents made telling me about their “get rich quick” plan and my early disgust for the cloud based brokerage. I have talked with dozens of agents who say “I wish I would have joined someone else at eXp Realty, my sponsor has never talked to me since and I get zero help from anyone in my upline” yikes!

If this happened to you then of course you would hate being a eXp Realtor and you would be looking to leave immediately without ever really knowing the true value not only eXp Realty can bring you but other real estate agents! For that lets break this down with some more examples!

What You Don’t Know About eXp Realty

You have a goal with your real estate business.

  1. I want to double my sales
  2. I want to sell 10 homes
  3. I want to get a buyer's agent/grow a team
  4. I want to spend less on lead generation
  5. I F**n hate leads they waste my time, how can I work my sphere for more referrals?
  6. I want to learn how to leverage social media better for my real estate business
  7. I want to start doing video more
  8. I am tired of being a Realtor and want to learn how to step out of production
  9. I want to be able to retire (ever been to a retirement party for a Realtor) me neither
  10. I have an incredible way to get leads or clients but if I share that to agents in my office I am just creating competitors 
  11. I want to do exactly what that agent is doing but instead of buying his/her course how can I learn from that Realtor personally?
  12. (MY GOAL) I hate real estate and I can’t close anything. I am really good at lead generation through YouTube yet my broker told me “YouTube is a flash in the plan”. I also can teach what I do but I am just creating competitors. I want to build my brand (Channel Junkie: YouTube for Real Estate) bigger and just need to talk to others who have done it too. Lastly, how can i scale this thing across the country? My brokerage is focused on email campaigns, wearing name tags to start conversations and open houses. AHHHHH why is no one able to help!!!

Ok so my goals are different from yours but THAT IS WHY WE INTERVIEWED SO MANY AGENTS before we chose a eXp sponsor! Why would you ever join any brokerage if you told them YOUR GOALS and they could not provide you a blueprint on how to accomplish them. Oh maybe it was the “free leads” you were promised, Pfft that's the worst!

If you wanted to start day trading in the stock market you wouldn’t join a group that focuses on holding 10 year treasury bonds. If you wanted to learn how to run long distance marathons you wouldn’t join a bobsled team so why the hell would you go to a brokerage if they are doing business in a way that you despise. 

Have you ever heard “show me your 5 closest friends and I’ll tell you exactly who you will become”? Regardless where you hang your license, surround yourself with people that will motivate you, teach you how to attract your ideal client, and most importantly how to run a business not let the business run you!

If you surround yourself with real estate agents who sit around and would rather learn about real estate and chat, that’s what standard you will be held to. If the Realtors around you are obsessively trying to better themselves and sell 10 times more homes than you all while teaching you their secrets, you will sell 10 times more homes too!

This is what people do not understand about eXp Realty but why 1,000’s of agents are joining eXp weekly. The concept of eXp Realty is “the more I help you grow your business the more my business grows”. So when you get recruited by agents who are trying to get rich quick this builds your “eXp blinders” to the value proposition.

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eXp Realty Value Proposition (Revenue Share and Stock Program)

Remember I told you that I wanted to blow up my Channel Junkie brand, get on more podcasts and learn how to scale this thing across the country, or even beyond the U.S.? How would someone benefit from teaching me how to do that?

eXp Revenue Share is simply this. For every dollar that an agent pays into their $16,000 cap (which they can earn back in stock, I have done it both years and will continue to) $.50 of every dollar that goes to the brokerage gets paid BACK TO THE AGENTS in your upline. With zero overhead costs of brick and mortar eXp can afford to do this, traditional real estate brokerages can’t.

“But Jackson Keller Williams has a profit share program too. Uh hum… that's profit share… the brokerage has to be profitable… Lezzbe honest nobody makes money on that”.

So when I joined my sponsor I wanted access to other real estate influencers to learn everything from them. The good the bad the ugly of selling courses, growing teams in different states and help pushing the YouTube for Real Estate content so I could help 1,000’s of other realtors do the same!

eXp Real estate -Jackson Wilkey

I was immediately booked out on 9 of the biggest real estate podcasts, F ya! One of them had a connection to inman and I got an interview with them which turned out to be inmans #3 blog they had published. I taught classes in eXp’s World Campus. Channel Junkies blew up!

This has led my business partner Jesse Dau and myself in only 18 months to directly attract AND HELP over 400 agents who have sponsored directly with us or with someone in our downline. 

How do we help? Every single course and training I have ever made is free to anyone that partners with us or someone 7 levels down in our organization. This means you get all my training, live coaching calls monthly, YouTube channel consultations, systems and processes of scaling your business, expanding into other markets or dominating yours ALL FREE. Oh and now you can tell agents around the world “hey my partners are Jackson and Jesse and if you want to learn how to do what I have done, you get me AND there training free”. 

eXp Real estate -Jackson Wilkey

Now everyone you directly get to sponsor with you or someone else in your downline you will get a piece of what they pay into the cap REGARDLESS if eXp is profitable or not. You also receive stock in the company when you close your first deal AND when they do! The revenue share is cash in your bank account every month.

eXp by the way is the most profitable brokerage by far and it's not close and it's because it's NOT a pyramid scheme. Top producing agents around the world are joining and that means a lot of houses are being sold by eXp real estate agents and those top producers now are incentivised to give every secret and tactic they have to help this company grow!

Financials and growth numbers are bonkers! Read Here

Are You Too Late to Join eXp Realty?

This is what I hear all the time: “I should've joined years ago, now it's too saturated”. It may look like this on the outside and yes if you joined years ago you may be in a different situation than joining today but you may have actually put yourself and your business in a terrible situation.

If we would have joined those first Realtors that were trying to recruit us to eXp Realty we definitely would be richer in the stock incentive aspect of the portfolio but we would have been lacking major everywhere else.

We had zero support with those first agents. Their goal was to just annoyingly recruit agents. We would have been in that ecosystem instead of one that is filled with some of the top real estate coaches, top producers, influencers and straight bad asses both male and female who made it their goal to grow our REAL ESTATE BUSINESS then help us to ATTRACT other agents to plug right into these systems. Thank the baby Jesus we waited for the right partners to sponsor with!

You are NOT too late. eXp Realty at this moment is sitting at 75,000-80,000 real estate agents with a goal to reach 1 million realtors worldwide! Now you have the benefit of joining downlines of 100’s of like minded Realtors all with one goal of helping each other sell more homes. 

With a goal of attracting another 900,000+ Realtors I believe that leaves a little room for you to grow your downline and business. Now you can have dozens of Realtors that are in your upline supporting you in doing so instead of going at it alone and sounding like a “recruiter”.

Was This a Sales Pitch to Join eXp Realty?

Some may look at it this way and that is fine, I remember early on thinking anything related to eXp was disgusting and supporting a MLM. Hopefully I have peeled back some layers on the benefits of joining eXp Realty and that just for the good of your business you should at least investigate it a little more. eXp may NOT be a good fit for you but at least you will know!

Oh and if your goal is to annoy every Realtor in the world and recruit them to eXp Realty, you are ruining it for a lot of other Realtors who can get massive value by joining the right eXp partners out there. 

And that is the #1 reason you should NOT join eXp Realty!


We have spent $10's of thousands of dollars and years perfecting the YouTube for Real Estate process and now we are partnering with agents all around the world and giving them private coaching and all of our courses FOR FREE! Zero splits Zero costs just 100% value because we know the more we help your business the more it helps us. No video experience needed but ONLY for those who want to take their business to the next level and WILL PUT IN THE WORK!

If you want to learn more about partnering with us at eXp Realty, getting all of our training and coaching 100% free letting us help you blow up your business shoot me an e-mail to [email protected]!

Cheers homies!




A “win-win” is a saying that gets thrown around a lot. If you want to see what a REAL WIN looks like check out our partnership opportunity.

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