When it comes to real estate video marketing, there is one massive mistake Realtors make all the time. This mistake is causing all of their efforts in their real estate marketing to produce zero results and leave them frustrated as hell.

This happened to you? 

I know about this mistake all too well. I did it for almost a year, and trust me it was really painful to never have the phone ring and also had me wanting to quit numerous times. 

What is this mistake? 

Alright homies I will tell you and not make you wait till the end. 

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The #1 Mistake Realtors Make With Their Real Estate Marketing

It is scouring the internet to look at every other real estate agent's videos and copying them, even as far as the way they talk and look. 

This blog is going to help you discover who YOU are. You will NOT attract any clients until you can freely be who you want to be and talk about things you want to talk about to attract your ideal clients and not look fake!

I have coached over 1,000 real estate agents with their real estate video marketing. Helping them niche (a.k.a. find who they are on video) IS THE HARDEST THING TO COACH 100%.

But after reading this blog you will be able to finally get free real estate leads from your real estate video marketing efforts!!

Real Estate Video Marketing - Jackson Wilkey

How To Discover Your Niché for Your Real Estate Marketing

We have all heard “the riches are in the niches” but we have all said “what the hell is my niche”? Like many other Realtors and business owners I stumbled into my niche and it took me over a year to realize that I actually did!

See I was living in the “#1 real estate video marketing mistake” world for over a year. I literally scoured the internet watching all the other real estate videos and then copying them for myself. It makes my skin crawl just thinking of those times.

The thing was, I was brand new to Portland Oregon and even worse in the real estate world, I was brand new to real estate. 

Everyday I had Realtors telling me how long they've been in the business and they wore that shit like a badge waving it in front of my face.

Real Estate Video Marketing - Jackson Wilkey

I wanted to be the best and top local real estate agent so bad, that's why I said it in every video. I also was reminded of the pain when I was trying to convert leads and clients from cold calling who asked me “how many deals have you closed” or “how long have you been doing real estate”?

I never got their business because I was “too new”.

Fast forward to today, through my real estate YouTube marketing videos our teams have closed over 300 homes in just over 3 years and I have never been asked how long I have been doing real estate. 

I've worked with doctors, lawyers, families, young, old, professional athletes, actors and even fellow YouTubers who are all dying to work with ME, Jackson Wilkey. 

But what was the turning point? 

It was the day I realized people on YouTube were searching my content oh, and I was the only real estate agent doing real estate video marketing on YouTube. 

They loved how I was answering their questions (i.e. searching into the search engine) and providing real stories of what it is like to live in Portland Oregon.

Once I started shooting videos about living in Portland Oregon instead of “what is the escrow process” I realized people were creating a connection with me, not Jackson Wilkey the realtor.

The Real Estate YouTube Video That Changed EVERYTHING!

Once I got more confident I came up with a video idea that was either going to sink my ship or take off like a rocket!

Since I was brand new to Portland I had some great stories of moving there myself. I was going to do a video call Moving to Portland Oregon [MY STORY]. 

Homies I was nervous as hell to tell people I was not born and raised there for the fear that they would not trust me anymore. But I also thought, who can relate with these people more than me, “what the hell let's do it”!

Real Estate YouTube Channel - Jackson Wilkey

My Niche Was Born

Like I mentioned earlier it took a while to realize I had found my niche. The response I got from this video changed the trajectory of my real estate marketing forever and more importantly it changed my life forever. 

It was so hard to shoot real estate videos because I had to script everything and make sure all my numbers were perfect. Have you ever shot a video and had to redo parts 10 times because you forget some words or messed up some information?

This is because you had to script information that you were not passionate about. Once you can start realizing that the most powerful element of real estate video marketing is YOUR stories, the game changes forever and people crave your content!

Learn how to tell stories IN THIS VIDEO!

I had no idea that simply telling people what it was like to live in Portland, some of the things that caught me off guard, and also the reason I moved there would be so relatable.

If you have never moved to a new city or state that you are not familiar with, this may be hard for you to understand. I have moved a few times and there is nothing more stressful than trying to figure out what area fits you and your family best.

Real Estate Video Marketing - Jackson Wilkey

Think about this, let's say you wanted to buy a vacation home in Mexico and you speak ZERO Spanish. There could be the greatest real estate agent of all time but if he didn't speak English we would not call that agent.

But if we caught one video for example of a brand new realtor over there talking about things we need to know before buying a house in Mexico, even if their English was broken a little bit, who would we call? 

I was speaking the language of these people moving and relocating and they instantly connected and trusted me. 

I was broke as hell so in the summer I took my kids with me to shoot all of my real estate vlogs and I put them in the videos, PEOPLE ATE THAT UP!! 

I had moms and dads blowing my phone up begging to work with me after they praised “you are just so real”! 

Even when I took early YouTube clients to see homes sometimes I had to take the kids and boy were they confused when these strangers got in my truck and said “Hey Hank its you! Oh my gosh I love you in all your dads videos”!

Hahahahhah the looks I got from my kids as they were now youtube stars to these clients!

Real Estate Video Marketing - Jackson Wilkey
Real Estate Video Marketing - Jackson Wilkey

When people search information into YouTube they just want their question answered, they do not care about the camera quality, a fancy studio or a news reporter perfection style video. 

When we get away from informational real estate videos like “what is Escrow” 

(OK I am going to go on a tangent here. This is the worst video of all time, what the hell are Realtors thinking (I shot this too haha) doing this video. Nobody gives 2 shits about escrow and if they do they are already in contract with another real estate agent.)

Real Estate Video Marketing - Jackson Wilkey

Where was I, anyways we as real estate agents have killer information that we can teach our clients that are scary as hell for home buyers and sellers. Here are some examples:

  • Are you thinking of buying a new home but you have to sell first and are terrified that you will be homeless? 
  • Top 5 areas people are moving to in Houston Texas to get the most bang for your buck.
  • 3 creative ways we can get your offer accepted in this crazy ass housing market
  • 5 BIGGEST mistakes people are making buying a house in this market 

Now these are real estate marketing videos that you could start doing daily on your Facebook or Instagram pages instead of…

“Hi look at ME and MY listing and MY open house and MY signs everywhere and MY MY MY! Ain't nobody search about you homie no matter how cool you are.

I like to shoot these real estate YouTube marketing videos as they are some of my most popular videos:

  • Map videos explaining all the cities and suburbs
  • Vlogs of the cities and suburbs
  • Pros and cons of living in my cities and suburbs
  • Cost of living in my cities and suburbs

These are the exact videos that have led us to over 300 homes sold from YouTube and combined with our students and partners over $1 billion dollars sold from their real estate YouTube channels!

STOP looking around at other Realtors and trying to sound like them. Search around YouTube to see what videos are driving business to Realtors and be unapologetically YOU to attract your dream clients!

A Few Real Estate Marketing Niches You Can Adopt

Again I have coached over 1,000 Realtors with their real estate marketing and my #1 goal is to help them tell stories on camera by discovering their niche.

Here are some examples:

  1. Agent 1 - Worked in new construction sales for 3 years. Was all over the place with her videos but when I asked about the biggest mistakes she saw clients make when buying new construction she couldn’t shut up! Boom story time and niche discovered
  2. Agent 2 - Tried my style videos about kids and families but didn't have any. He told me how he was helping a client with a land deal and all the how people lose HUGE money if they dont look into the land about water, power etc. He said he researched the top land and ranches every day because he loved it. Boom story time and niche discovered
  3. Agent 3 - Was shooting video about most affordable homes and neighborhoods. He felt this was the only way to get clients because the homes were increasing in value so fast. He also said he hated working with these clients who did not have good credit scores or enough for a down payment. He started talking about building a luxury brand and how he went to every broker tour and open house he could of $1 million + homes because he was obsessed with nice homes. I asked him “what are the best luxury neighborhoods for families” he knew 3 of them. “What is the top luxury neighborhood for modern homes” he know 3 of them. “What is the best luxury neighborhood closest to downtown and things to do” he was there yesterday. Boom story time and niche discovered

What the hell can you tell stories of? Where did your last 5 favorite clients move to and why did they choose that area? Why do you like or dislike certain areas? 

Sometimes the reason we dont like an area is the exact reason someone else does so we have to be ourselves on camera and tell those stories!

We have spent $10's of thousands of dollars and years perfecting the YouTube for Real Estate process and now we are partnering with agents all around the world and giving them private coaching and all of our courses FOR FREE! Zero splits Zero costs just 100% value because we know the more we help your business the more it helps us. No video experience needed but ONLY for those who want to take their business to the next level and WILL PUT IN THE WORK!

If you want to learn more about partnering with us at eXp Realty, getting all of our #1 YouTube training and coaching 100% free letting us help you blow up your business shoot me an e-mail to [email protected]!

Cheers homies!




A “win-win” is a saying that gets thrown around a lot. If you want to see what a REAL WIN looks like check out our partnership opportunity.

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