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The most common word used at eXp Realty to describe the forward thinking movement of ALL agents together is COLLABORATION. A group of agents who have ownership in the company striving together to achieve business and life goals.

eXp Realty is an agent owned, and agent grown brokerage. Each agent becomes a shareholder in eXp after closing their first transaction therefor everyone has a vested interest in the success of the company. eXp Realty is one of the largest, fastest growing residential real estate brokerage by geography in North America and leading the way with innovation. eXp agents receive unprecedented training and support and are able to collaborate and learn from professionals around the country in our virtual office.  Keep reading to learn more about all that eXp Realty, and what the Channel Junkies team offers agents who join eXp realty with us as their sponsor.

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Jesse Dau, Jackson Wilkey, Ryan Strong brokered by eXp Realty

We are a team that has built our Real Estate business with the power of YouTube and are now teaching thousands of agents how to do exactly what we have done with over 13 YouTube channel across the United States. The Channel Junkies Team are independent agents at eXp Realty, so this is not an official eXp Realty website. The views and opinions of this site are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion or policy of eXp Realty or eXp World Holdings unless otherwise stated.

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  • Everything You Need To Know About eXp Realty

    eXp Realty is a global brokerage and designed to be built by the collaboration of agents helping each other succeed, innovating the real estate agent business model.

  • eXp University

  • LIVE Training in eXp World

  • New Agent Mentorship

  • Become A Shareholder

  • Revenue Share Program

  • eXp Commercial

  • Keep MORE Commissions

  • Grow Your Team

Receive Industry Leading Benefits

eXp provides some of the most powerful online marketing tools, virtual technologies and healthcare in the real estate industry.

Earn More In Commissions

Keep 80-100% of commissions + a low $16,000 company cap. No desk fees, no royalty fees and no franchise fees like the other guys.

More Ways To Earn Income

Don't rely on just selling homes. eXp offers an exit strategy for agents, allowing them to earn more income by attracting like-minded agents.

More Training Than Anyone

eXp Realty offers training from it's top agents as well as the new agent mentor program, eXp University and over 50+ hours of LIVE training every week.

The Agent Centric Business Model

eXp Realty presents the most innovative and opportune business model for real estate agents who are brand new and for those experienced agents who have been through a market shift or two. eXplore why this brokerage is growing faster than any traditional brokerage in the world.

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  • Cloud Based Brokerage

    eXp Realty is a cloud based brokerage. State offices are based in eXp world in the cloud where agents can visit brokers and chat live with finance or receive support. 

  • Agent Owned

    In traditional models agents have to be the at the head of the "franchise" to be an owner. NOT with eXp Realty. Agents earn stock rewards and ownership in the company for their great achievements. 

  • Agent Built

    Real estate agents help build eXp Realty not just with transactions, but with agent attraction. The business model is a no-brainer attracting the best and brightest who understand the massive opportunity in front of them. 


Commission Splits

Team Types

Equity Opportunities

Revenue Share

eXp World

Tools For Success

  • kvCORE

    Agents brokered by eXp Realty get the top CRM and IDX website with kvCORE. Linked to your MLS agents can use kvCORE and create their website as well as numerous lead automated tasks to free up more time for business growth opportunities. 

  • Skyslope

    Skyslope is a transaction management system that keeps agents on top of their deadlines and makes sure their I's are dotted and their T's are crossed. Easily send contracts to brokers for review and clients for signing. 

  • Shareworks

    Shareworks helps agents who opt-in to the agent equity program track and manage their portfolio. Track EXPI stock and the your overall portfolio health. Cash out when you're ready or let it build!

  • eXp University

    eXp Agents have access to over 50 hours of live training from top agents across the nation. These agents are teaching you exactly what they have done to build successful businesses with a true team oriented mindset. Access these trainings and so much more when you're ready to learn and grow. 

  • eXp Mentorship

    New agents looking to join eXp Realty will be provided with a mentor. These certified mentors have hit ICON status and show new agents the ropes in their local markets. What better way to kick off a career as a new real estate agent!

  • Marketing & Branding

    eXp's preferred partner BuildASign gives agents with eXp Realty advantage pricing with new business cards, signs, and everything in between. Don't be a secret agent! Get the word out and build your brand. 



eXp Realty

  • Split: 80/20
  • Cap: $16,000
  • Monthly Fee: $85 (Unless In Canada)
  • E&O: $40 ($500 Cap)
  • Broker Review Fee: $25 (at closing)
  • Royalty Fee: $0
  • Desk Fee: $0
  • Transaction Fee: $0 Until Agent Hits Cap. $250 For Next 20 Transactions (Then $75 Fee)

Avg. Broker

  • Split: 70/30
  • Cap: $20,000
  • Monthly Fee: $125
  • E&O: $50 (Capped at $600)
  • Broker Review Fee: $0
  • Royalty Fee: 6% (Capped at $3,000 Annually)
  • Desk Fee: $1200
  • Transaction Fee:


The hypothetical example below uses figures of an agent who sells 12 homes per year with an average sales price of $300,000 and 2.5% Commission.


Use the slider to see how much more your business could potentially earn with eXp Realty.

DISCLAIMER: Channel Junkies is NOT an affiliated business with eXp Realty. Channel Junkies and other names/businesses on this page are their own entity. We are licensed real estate agents brokered by eXp Realty across the nation. All YouTube channels, websites, and businesses are NOT owned or operated by eXp Realty. They are personally owned entities by each individual agent brokered by eXp Realty. Marketers who happen to sell real estate, practicing what we preach and here to support the growth of your business. Results are NOT guaranteed because we cannot execute and close your deals for you. It is also up to you to conduct your own due diligence about eXp Realty and independently decide if it is the best move for your business. We are not held liable for any possible, but highly unlikely, loss or damages you may incur.